SQL Saturday Jax 2024 – May the 4th Be With You

The force was strong with this one. Concurrent with Star Wars day, the University of North Florida and the Jacksonville SQL Server Users Group (JSSUG) hosted their annual SQL Saturday Jacksonville. The sweet aroma of coffee and pastries filled the air upon entering building 51 – a common tincture for the nerds eagerly awaiting a day of brain melting and mingling.

As registration approached, a pedestal arose from the Earth with arrows pointing inhabitants toward distant planet portals – secret gathering places where we spent the day uniting under rebellion of data ignorance. As a seasoned Jedi warrior would later summarize:

“Smarter people are better people – and anyone can be smarter.”
– Buck Woody

SQL Saturday-con was a genuine celebration of sci-fi fantasy and data. Each classroom I entered, I half-expected a Mark Hamill panel deep-diving on real-time data processing. Instead, and arguably better, passionate volunteers shared their knowledge with the data community, draped in robes and tunics, fully embracing the ways of the Jedi.

The theme, venue, and content were all top notch. As my first time attending the Jacksonville event, I was impressed with what Jeff Taylor and his dedicated team of volunteers accomplished.

As the day drew to a close, it was clear that the force of knowledge and community was strong. SQL Saturday Jacksonville not only provided valuable lessons but also celebrated the geek culture that binds us together. I look forward to attending in the future.

May the data be with you.