Three Step Product Delivery

It begins with vision. The reason why we are doing this thing. A great Technical Program Manager (TPM) must be able to clearly articulate the vision. If the team buys in, the project will have a load of momentum.

After the team is excited about working on the thing, and the TPM has them squirming with anticipation to get to work, the TPM must guide the engineers to define the MVP, and most importantly – defining ‘done’. If the vision has been successfully deployed, enthusiasm will be off the charts, and the next challenge will be to contain the scope of the project so that it will eventually ship and furnish the intended outcome.

Finally, efficient and successful product delivery. To arrive here, you will have had to confront chaos. To embrace change. To add features. To remove features. To laugh. To cry. Everyone (including your inner voices) will try to add scope and you have admirably fought them off with confidence and poise.