Lab Build Guide: Hyper-V VMs, Cloning, File Sharing… For a Friend.

Lab Build Guide: Hyper-V VMs, Cloning, File Sharing… For a Friend.

4. File Share.

It would be nice to have your SQL Server installation files and your favorite Adventure Works data files available to all of your virtual machines.

Create the Share

Back on the host machine, I created a directory named Shares.

I applied the following Share Permissions and NTFS Security Permissions.

Because my administrative accounts and passwords are identical on my host and VM, when I login to the VM I won’t have any issues in accessing the share. Any other user account on both machines would be functionally equivalent. However, there are additional security settings to configure for a non-administrative user to have logon permissions to a Windows Server. You can do this through the Local Security Policy. Google it.

For my lab, this will work fine.

Connect to the Share

Oh, right. The network. Configure the network on the virtual machine. Make sure it’s on the same subnet as the Internal virtual network we setup earlier in this guide.

My host IP address is We’ll access the share and create a shortcut on my VMs desktop. Like so.

With the share all setup, your training is complete. For setting it up at least.

This is the just the beginning of your journey.


Further Reading

Group Policy – seems like a good place to start. A bit older, but the explanation is thorough.